Frequently Asked Questions

A written commitment to pay as per the instructions within the commitment. A letter of credit guarantees payment of a specified sum in a specified currency, provided the seller meets precisely-defined conditions and submits the prescribed documents within a fixed timeframe. These documents almost always include a clean bill of lading or air waybill, commercial invoice, and certificate of origin. To establish a letter of credit in favour of the seller or exporter (called the beneficiary) the buyer (called the applicant or account party) either pays the specified sum (plus service charges) up front to the issuing bank, or negotiates credit.

This document serves as a guarantee: the bank promises to pay a "beneficiary" if something fails to happen as per the terms of the SBLC. Standby letters of credit, like standard letters of credit, can be used for international trade as well as domestic transactions in your home country.

All registered agents will communicate with clients via their official email address.

United Wealth is registered with Reserved Bank of New Zeeland as an New Zealand Financial Service Provider (FSP)

United Wealth can provide their services to almost any countries in the world except those countries under sanctioned.